I’m associate professor of/senior lecturer in comparative literature at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, where I was in charge of the Jean Monnet Chair «The Culture of European Integration» between 2012 and 2015, and honorary chair professor at Sichuan University. My research and teaching focus on comparative literature, the idea of European literature, small/minor literatures, ecocriticism, cosmopolitanism, migration, literary geography, translation, transatlantic studies, and world literature. I was president of the Réseau européen d’études littéraires comparées between 2013 and 2015. Now I’m vice-president of the Sociedad Española de Literatura General y Comparada, secretary of the Coordinating Committee for the Comparative Literary History in European Languages of the International Comparative Literature Association, member of the Academy of Europe, member of the Stockholm Collegium of World Literary History, and member of the advisory board of the Harvard Institute for World Literature, among other scientific and professional responsibilities. All my publications are available at academia.edu. For my complete CV, please click here.


ORCID ID 0000-0003-1226-3337

Researcher ID A-1429-2015

GI-1371 Literary Theory & Comparative Literature


Current courses

G5041611. «Do teu verdor cinguido»: Ecocrítica

G5041609. O século do xenocidio: realidade e ficción do mal absoluto

P5191203. Realismo máxico galego


Last books



Futures of Comparative Literature: ACLA State of the Discipline Report (Routledge, co-editado con Ursula K. Heise et al., 2017)

Introducing Comparative Literature: New Trends and Applications (Routledge, co-escrito con Haun Saussy e Darío Villanueva, 2016). No ano 2017 o libro foi traducido ao castelán pola editorial Taurus co título Lo que Borges enseñó a Cervantes. Introducción a la Literatura comparada e ao árabe polo Consello Nacional de Cultura, Artes e Letras de Kuwait co título de Taqdiym al adab al moqaran itijahat wa tatbiyqat jadidah

A Comparative History of Literatures in the Iberian Peninsula. Vol. 2 (John Benjamins, co-edited with Anxo Abuín and Ellen Sapega, 2016)

Cosmopolitanism and the Postnational: Literature and the New Europe (Brill – Rodopi, co-edited with Theo D’haen, 2015)

Contemporary Developments in Emergent Literatures and the New Europe (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, co-edited with Manus O’Dwyer, 2014)

Literatura europea comparada (Arco/Libros, 2013)

World Literature. A Reader (Routledge, co-edited with Theo D’haen and Mads Rosendahl Thomsen, 2013)





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